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Exemption from VAT

Our services can be acquired without VAT. Private social services are tax-free under the following conditions:

  • The service provider has notified the municipality in which he operates of the provision of non-round-the-clock services. The provision of support services for home services, such as cleaning services, must also be reported. If the service provider operates in several municipalities, the notification must be made to all municipalities. The provision of round-the-clock social welfare services requires the permission of the social authority.
  • The service provider has made a service or other similar plan together with the customer. When a private service provider sells social welfare services on the basis of a decision made by the municipality, the municipal social authority is responsible for drawing up the plan.
  • Social welfare is based on either a decision by an authority or the service provider has entered into a written agreement with the customer for the provision of services as social welfare services.
  • The service provider has a responsible person who is responsible for the quality of the services.
  • The service provider has a self-monitoring plan.

You can find more information about the VAT exemption of services on the  Tax Administration website.


House hold deductions

Home Service Gigu is included in the prepayment register, which is a prerequisite for receiving a household deduction. The household deduction can be utilised in our services for care, nursing and cleaning work.

In 2021, the household deduction will be 40% of the VAT-inclusive price of the service (share of labor). The household deduction has a deductible of 100 euros and the upper limit of the household deduction is 2250 euros / person / year. The household deduction is personal, so you can get a total deduction of € 4,800 with your spouse.

The household deduction is usually applied for retrospectively in your own tax return, but customers using regular services can also take it into account in their taxation in advance. Certain benefits may prevent you from receiving a household deduction, such as a service voucher or home care allowance.

You can find more information about the household  deduction on the Tax Administration website  .



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